Is this latest race riot orchestrated by the Democratic Party?

What would happen if the Ku Klux Klan through a protest in a park and nobody came to see it? And that’s the problem here when you look at the two sides of this fiasco over the statue of Robert E Lee, you see the both sides came prepared for an altercation. Both sides were wearing helmets and carrying shields and prepared to do battle with each other.


When things are going bad for the Democratic Party they revert to pulling the race card and in the past that includes violence. One suspicious thing that I noticed is that I did not see many minorities on either side of this rally, debate, protest, planned riot. I just wonder if somebody could dig up any evidence of money coming into these groups from outside sources, some guy named George comes to mind. I’m sorry but the crowd on the left really looked familiar, like I’ve seen him recently at other demonstrations.

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