Have the Democrats have pushed it too far?

The recent attempted assassination of Republican Congressman practicing for a charity baseball game, was inevitable after the hatred that we’ve seen spewed on television and in the printed media. We seen it on campuses when conservatives were invited to give presentations about their views. We seen the liberals dress up in black Nazi like uniforms with hoods over their heads, wearing mask and carrying weapons threatening to kill anyone who disagrees with them. Celebrating plays that show the assassination of the president, pictures depicting the decapitation of our president being celebrated as art.

Source: Democrap

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  • Liberal Bob

    The Democrats have made a few mistakes, mainly because they don’t understand middle-class America. This thing with the shooting of a Republican Congressman is not going to be what takes down the Democratic Party. What is hurting the Democratic Party now is the fact that they have pushed this Russian investigation hoax to the point where it is Boomer ringing back on them. We are finding that Democrats themselves were inclusion with the Russians, and most certainly obstructing in the investigation that the FBI wanted to make. When the Democrats were asked by the FBI to allow the FBI to do forensics on their computers to verify that they been hacked by the Russians, the Democrats refused to allow the FBI to do due diligence and verification that a crime had been committed. Instead the Democrats hired the Ukrainian firm who is known to carry a grudge against Putin. We are finding out now the Democratic Party and the Atty. Gen. at communications about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s server. It has been reported that the Atty. Gen. communicated that she would see that nothing became of the investigation. The American people are still waiting to see who is leaking this information out of the White House, it’s obvious it comes from holdovers from the Obama ministration. America wants that dealt with Now, not tomorrow.