Breaking news on the Russian Trump connection

Fatcat news is just come upon new information that may result in the toppling of the Trump administration. An anonymous unknown informant was not yet been tested has informed us by encrypted email that after an exhausted investigation and has been found, even though cannot be proven, that every restaurant in every trump owned building will serve you Russian salad, topped with Russian salad dressing upon request. This is not unusual however if you were to ask the waiter for patriotic American salad with a patriotic American salad dressing he will stare at you like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about. This caused our informant look deeper into the possible connection with the Trump campaign and the Russian government. They found a photograph along with an audible recording of Trump when he was seven years old standing next to a statue with his Russian wolfhound. The statue, even though it not confirmed, appears to be a statue of a Russian spy. On the audible recording of the incident you can clearly hear the dog barking in code directly at the statue. This code is so secret that the top American intelligence agencies have not been able to decipher what the communications was about. It is believed by many that the ring Trump was wearing, and still wears to this day, was a secret decoder ring used by Russian intelligent officers to communicate with Russian molds.

We’ve also discovered by a second untested but possibly reliable informant that trump as refused to admit that he speaks fluent Russian and has refused to answer questions when given to him in Russian, just another cloud coming from the smoking gun.


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